Women in Prison

Beauty and violence is something that cinema artists like to combine. And this is how Women in Prison films appear. The movies of this genre are a mixture of erotic adventures of the girls in captivity. Prison guards force them doing whatever they want, and girls looking for support from each other often end up with hot and tender sexual relations.

At the very beginning such movies had no sex episodes, they showed the truly story of women being in prison, demonstrating their life, relationships, problems, etc. This was not obviously a prison, it could be any other conditions that limited women’s freedom of actions. But always such films were a source of enjoyment for those, who like sophisticated erotica with violence.

The first Women in Prison motion picture was called ‘Hold Your Man’, and contained only a few scenes of women’s imprisoning. It was a movie made by Jean Harlow. For a long time, until 1950’s there were no other WIP movies, as this theme was rather painful for society due to wars, and it was not popular to create erotic movies based on imprisoning and violence. Not earlier than in 1950, the next Women in Prison film was released. It was ‘Caged’ drama. It was followed by ‘Women’s Prison’ in 1955, and this was a year when a real boom for WIP movies started. Later, as the number of Women in Prison movies grew, a typical scenario was formed. Some innocent girl appeared to be stolen or imprisoned by cruel insidious politicians or bandits and had to fight with circumstances, resisting the orders of strict overseers and cellmates or obeying their natural curiosity to unusual sexual pleasures. The flourishing of this genre development was in 1970’s, when the most of world-known masterpieces were produced. These are ‘Big Bird Cage’ from the USA filmmakers, ‘Bamboo House of Dolls’ from Hong Kong movie artists, ‘Ilsa The Tigress of Siberia’ from Canadian directors.

As the interest to such videos grew more and more, the world became freer in sexual behaviour, demanded more demonstrations of love and sex, Women in Prison movies directors satisfied this demand, filling up their masterpieces with sincere erotic scenes, live-like sexual episodes close to pornographic. One of 1970-s WIP films, ‘Prison Girls’, is a great example of this genre – hot, beautiful women, imprisoned, have an opportunity to have a weekend furlough, and spend it on heavy sexual experiences. In ‘New Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701’ you can see a story of Japanese women in captivity, with lots of very life-like scenes. Japanese directors of Women in Prison films are the fans of natural looking stories, that is why they pay much attention on the naturalness. As for Hollywood filmmakers, they are the admirers of artistic women’s beauty, exaggerated and concentrated to the peak of what a man can imagine. And their fantastically looking heroines usually struggle in some exotic countries. There are a lot of stories of women’s adduction by some African or Asian bandits, or unexpected imprisoning during travels to some exotic places of the planet. ‘Big Doll House’ is one of a wonderful Women in Prison stories that demonstrate gorgeous exotic women gathered in one small prison.

Newer movies like Spanish ‘Furia en el trópico’ (1986) or American ‘Prison Heat’ contain more truly erotica very close to porn movies. They can be called an ‘artistic porn’ stories with bright scenes of heterosexual, group and lesbian sex.

The WIP genre is mostly associated with retro movies of the last century. Enjoyment from viewing such unusual films is usually a thing you want to feel again and again.