Emanuelle nera No. 2 aka Black Emanuelle 2

Year: 1976

Duration: 01:32:28

Directed by: Bitto Albertini

Actors: Angelo Infanti, Shulamith Lasri, Don Powell, Percy Hogan, Danielle Ellison

Language: English

Country: Italy

Also known as: Emanuelle nera No. 2, Mavri Emmanouella no 2, The New Black Emanuelle

Description: Worldwide top lady, Emmanuelle, now is at the hospital near New york distress of memory damage. Her doctor, Paul, fulfills her specific interest, getting his spouse envious. He interviews Emmanuelle every day, questioning her to history memories on cassette. He asks her about photographer with who she had relations at the work, her father, and her boyfriend, from whom she's been isolated for 2 years. Her thoughts of every of which vary greatly due to their own. In flashbacks we observe two versions. Progressively her remembrances sharp and just wild while she parties with another client, Paul's relative Sharon. In addition Emmanuelle's memory inhibit, is everybody also telling the real truth? Can doctor assist her to remember and cure?



Black Emmanuelle 2