Rainbow Force movie

Year: 1982

Duration: 01:26:28

Directed by: Cheung Chi-Chiu

Actors: Elsa Yeung Wai-San, Mary Wong Ma-Lee, Ma Sha, Chow Shui-Fong, Fang Fang, Yeung Chung-Man

Language: English

Country: Taiwan

Also known as:

Description: Hong Kong WIP film about a young woman who takes the blame for a self-defense killing so to clear her boyfriend. She gets thrown in reform school and is bullied by all of the usual bitch-types.

Ripped from a rare and expenslve PAL VHS
here's super-nlnja-lady Elsa Yeung klcklng arse
busting heads and crymg as a psycho hell-cat who
Just can't stay out of jail. See her light In the
shower, kung fu guards, bitch slap fellow lnmates
for fun and tear up the place coz no feckln jail ls
strong enough to hold her or her exploslve tomboy
temper. So tough ls Elsa m mas movie, that she
goes to jall TWICE! and still don't care. See her
plne for the man she loves, see her stab the man
she loves, see her rally the gals for mucho saucy
cat-llghtln'l Bad, crazy and great, It's yet another
fine cut prlce actlon-donkey from IFD. Enjoy boys and girls!



Rainbow Force 1982