Roadkill movie

Year: 2011

Duration: 87 minutes

Directed by: Johannes Roberts

Actors: Keith Burke, Stephen Rea, & Kacey Barnfield

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: La carretera de la muerte, Põrgulik retk, Wyprawa po śmierć

Description: Six young friends on a trip to Ireland to face Roma. While fleeing Gypsies, they accidentally knocked the old woman who curses them for it. The curse takes the form of a terrifying flying animal that tries to kill them all.

This film Roadkill was produced by the SyFy channel and that’s it. Overall I have no clear opinion on this film because it looked without thinking after watching the quality of the trailer.


1. Acting. The actors played surprisingly well and does not irritate. The main characters turned out to be surprisingly contrasting and memorable.

2. Installation. The film is very well mounted. Everything goes very fast and accurately.

3. Camera work. Executed very well. It is seen that the operators tried very hard, because the film is so diverse and well-chosen camera angles that the fault here is not good.

4. Idea. In the trash was rarely the subject of huge birds. Personally, I can count on your fingers the movies where the heroes also attacked the bird and destroyed them.

5. The bloody effects. Made of very high quality and not carelessly. Blood for the film was shed enough.


1. Script. The script of this film though sometimes was good, basically he is very stupid. Heroes sometimes make a logical action, but at some point absolutely everyone’s brain just turned off, and the logic leaves off. For example, in one scene, the girl gave the amulet to the guy so he could call for help, and the guy gave her back the amulet for love and went with nothing to go to call. The result is very predictable.

2. Little time is given to the monster. I was hoping that the bird will kill all the characters on stage, until you kill them all, but alas, the bird kills in the frame on the strength of 2-3 people, and the other murders occur either behind the scenes or kills someone else, but not the bird itself.

3. Tightened the ends. The beginning of the movie, and the plot, usually last very long, about 20 minutes, but that’s nothing. At the end of the film one remaining actor is forced as much as 5 minutes to stretch the farewell scene with his relatives, making huge gaps in the words. To sit through without rewinding impossible.

Summary: overall, the movie Roadkill could be a great slasher, but a terrible script has done its job and if it’s a good idea and implementation at the outlet was left very ambiguous product. To trash the film is too good with the technical part, and a good movie correspond. I have mixed emotions about this film.



 Roadkill 2011