Nazi Love Camp 27

Year: 1977

Duration: 01:30:48

Directed by: William Hawkins a.k.a. Mario Caiano

Actors: Sirpa Lane, Ciancairio Sisti, Roberto Posse, Christiana Borghi, Piero Lulli, Gianfilippo Carcano, Marzia Ubaldi

Language: English

Country: Italy

Also known as: La svastica nel ventre, SS Nazi Love Camp 27, Love Camp 27, Living Nightmare

Description: The love story of a Jewish girl and a German soldier. When does the second world starts, he goes to protect the German flag, and she ends up in a brothel in Nazi camp 27 where disobedience is punishable by death! She decides to survive there at any cost, to tell the world that she had been through.

Review: Of the many nazisploitation-movie inspired, as is commonly believed, the success of "Night porter", none has come close to the masterpiece by Liliana Cavani as close as the picture Mario Caiano "swastika on her stomach," better known to the world as a completely stupid name «Nazi Love Camp 27 ". Of course, we must remember that the vast majority of these films were only a primitive soft-porn, using Nazi theme as fetish and not even trying to pretend to be more or less serious movies (think crafts Frenchman Alain Peye "Special train for Hitler" and " Natalie in the Nazi hell "), and to recall them is except as a historical anecdote. But «La Svastica nel ventre», although it has all the hallmarks of a typical nazisploitation-movie, still is a few more.

Mario Caiano some sly way it was possible to eat fish, and a horse to sit down: remove the erotic film to "a given topic," and to tell the dramatic story that wants to believe and empathize with, despite its original artificiality. Well, in fact, the officer's brothel of Jewish girls in Nazi Germany - it is somehow contrary to all historical facts. And these "free" assumptions specific to the lowly nazisploitation-movie, the film is scattered - a cart and a small truck. In what would otherwise catch these many fleas would be the only interesting pastime to watch, but not this time ...

Stylistically and thematically "Swastika" is really like a "Night Porter", except that the action develops linearly, without traveling from present to past and back again. Jewish girl Hannah Mayer (played by Finnish star erotic cinema Sirpa Lane) with the coming to power of the Nazis in the concentration camp is where gets into a spetsbordel for SS ranks. There she was captivated by the beauty and boldness of Kurt von Stein, for whom love is a Jewess heavily steeped in masochistic complexes. Hannah and Kurt actually become something of a mirror reflection of Max and Lucia from the film by Liliana Cavani. Kurt feels the need to subordinate, he needs a strong and powerful woman he sees Hannah, but that at the same time she is also a Jew brings him more anguish.

In parallel with this story line in the film is developing another related to the fate of love with Hannah before the war Klaus Berger, who is now in charge of a special program of eugenics SS. Once he tried to save his beloved from arrest, but did not succeed in this, and is now engaged in the breed purebred Aryans, but in my heart continues to love the Jew. In fact, the authors of this line is to only to the final clash between all actors, and besides, it makes it much harm to the development of the plot to squeeze in an extra pair of his erotic scenes. But Mario Caiano and are not down to the banal platitudes: Episode division into pairs Aryan girls and boys under the watchful eye of medical workers as if borrowed from German films of the twenties and adds a kind of painting anti-Utopical futurism does not contradict its basic orientation.

In general, in all that relates to small details, the authors of "Swastika on his stomach" very carefully. On a major they can go against the historical facts, but in all that regards the form, hairstyles, clothing, equipment, even the few battle scenes picture of Mario Caiano is very reliable. Mummers hippies like the same Alena Peye, you will not find here. Archival footage and look at «La Svastica nel ventre» to the place and the time, sometimes leaving the impression that they filmed specifically for this film.

As for immersion in psychology - it is, of course, very superficial. For all its merits: the competent directing, decent acting (though dignity Sirpa Lane as an actress still uncertain), a tense affair, - the movie is just a carbon copy of turned inside out "Night Porter". They say, and if you imagine that it was the opposite? While tracing paper, in which the erotic component is drawn much more bold features than the original ... The external transformation of Jewish prisoners Hannah Mayer metressu elite brothel owner and Lola still remains for the creators of "swastikas on her stomach 'priority on the study of the psychological component of the transformation . Because and tragic end seems somewhat artificial. For all its merits, the tape Mario Caiano remained within a highly specialized genre nazisploitation, with all the ensuing consequences. But to rise above their peers in the genre, she will succeed.



Nazi Love Camp 27