Crystal Heart 1986

Year: 1986

Duration: 01:41:13

Directed by: Gil Bettman

Actors: Lee Curreri, Tawny Kitaen, Lloyd Bochner

Language: English

Country: USA | Spain

Also known as: Coração de Cristal (Portugal) | Crystal Heart, voglia d'amore (Italy)

Description: A young man that has a rare disease that forces him to live inside an enclose structure in the way of a bubble boy. He starts corresponding with a pop singer that takes pity on him and goes to visit. He is in love with her, even writes her a new song, but her manager gets her to take advantage of the situation as a PR stunt. The boy sends her away, but she has fallen in love with him and comes back to prove it.But things don't get back on track and he must face real world if he wants to stay with her. No matter the consequences! Starring Lloyd Bochner, who also performed in Lonely Lady movie.

Whitesnake slut Tawny Kitaen playacts pop star in this peerlessly preposterous movie about a young man (the lumpy non-actor Lee Curreri of "Fame" fame) with a mysterious (cf. bullshit) heart condition that compels him to live out his days in a "crystal room." Despite being behind walls made of glass - err, crystal, he enchants Tawny per his really lousy keyboard playing, to the point where she's participating in one of the most hysterical quasi-sex scenes in cinematic history (bring your windex). Not a moment is believable, and few are forgettable. And as it is with most any movie made this decade, every frame of Crystal Heart confirms that it was made in the '80s. Ripe for a Bad Movie Night plucking.



Crystal Heart - 1986