Le secret 2000

Year: 2000

Duration: 01:44:16

Directed by: Virginie Wagon

Actors: Anne Coesens, Michel Bompoil, Tony Todd

Language: French (English hardsubbed) | English

Country: France

Also known as: The Secret, Das Geheimnis, El secreto,  Suhde, Il segreto, Hemligheten, To mystiko tis

Description of Le secret movie: It would seem that Marie has it all: a loving husband, a charming child, a good job. But something elusive with terrific force continues to pull her to another life to another man. Dare I she bargained for, quiet, tender love of a wild, wild passion living day to day, with neither past nor future?

Review: So, the film's heroine - a woman on the verge of a mid-life . At this point, you start to look back on those years and sum up the results . And the results are disappointing : youth ( and with it the beauty) out of passion in marital relationships are less , gnawing sense of unrealized . From the sad thoughts can distract or a wonderful year-old son , nor loving caring husband . And then all of a sudden fatal meeting - a hefty male Negro . And with it the animal passion and sense of self hypersexuality , and life one day , without regard to which there is a lingering "fulfillment of conjugal duty "! Passion ( no love , no) as a disease, like insanity , as a jump in the pool with his head , so much so that even overshadows the maternal instinct (the scene when the child is about to fall from the roof , and Marie , I felt like even for a split second his death) .

Very strong emotions on film. Perfectly understand and heroine , and her husband , both empathize , and it is very difficult to stand on someone's side , because such unbridled passion - a real tsunami , and from that simple, no losses, no way out .

A great director and camera work , let loose such a sex - animal , thick , you can spoon to scoop off the screen . And the finale is not the same as I had expected , based on naturalistic film as a whole.



Le secret 2000