Cama de Gato 2002

Year: 2002

Duration: 01:32:33

Directed by: Alexandre Stockler

Actors: Renata Airoldi, Cainam Baladez, Caio Blat, Rodrigo Bolzan

Language: Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Also known as: Cat's Cradle

Description: Caio Blat who also starred in Bog of Beasts and Batismo De Sangue). Power and wealth - trap , which hit the protagonist Gustavo . As a child, Gustavo was a pretty poor boy , but he managed over the years to become one of the most significant contemporary perfumers , owner of a large enterprise. However, power and wealth made ​​him arrogant and unhappy man . Among its called Emperor . According to the plan and the companion best friend Alsina ( Carmo Dalla Vecchia ) , its export to the desert , where the perfumer should be able to look at your life from the other side and rethink values. Naturally, Alsina intends to follow Gustavo, so that you can return it , and then tell him the truth . But Fate intervenes in history and cunning wife . Veronica ( Paola Oliveira ) , wife of Gustavo, decides to take the good intentions Alsina to get rid of her husband and inherit his fortune. Villain hires two men ( Ed Oliveira and Rodrigo Rangel ) that they have done away with Gustavo ... In telenovela detective story , deceitfully , broken dreams , betrayal and love.

Review: Three overage loafers well have some fun in the club and getting all possible legal and illegal drugs, decided to make fun of a girl brutally. But slightly overdone strangle poor. While the company was looking over the body has not yet cooled down answers to the perennial question "Who is to blame?" And "What should I do?" Came the mother of one of his friends ... After that, the company formed by the hands of two bodies - and, accordingly, twice the problems.



Cama de Gato 2002

Pack of subtitles (English, German, Spanish, French)