Secretary Rope Discipline AKA Dan Oniroku onna hisho nawa chyokyo

Year: 1981

Duration: 01:06:46

Directed by: Hidehiro Ito

Actors: Junko Mabuki, Jun Nakahara and Akira Takahashi

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Dan Oniroku onna hisho nawa chyokyo 


Secretary Sayo (Junko Mabuki) does some corporate snooping for the woman boyfriend, an upstart exec with a competing business. But she gets busted by the CEO (Akira Takahashi). Poor Sayo is captured and taken to an exclusive torture chamber in the business mansion. While the assistant gets punished, the bossman's boy (Jun Nakahara) becomes infatuated with the woman gorgeous white epidermis and he assumes the disciplinary duties. Between the stretchings, floggings, and wooden-horse tortures he locates time for you protect her body in an elaborate tattoo.




Secretary Rope Discipline 1981