Sins of Sister Lucia 1978

Year: 1978

Duration: 01:08:36

Directed by: Koyu Ohara

Actors: Yuki Nohira, Rei Okamoto, Rumi Tama, Tamaki Katsura

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Shûdôjo Rushia: Kegasu, Sister Lucia: Dishonor

Description: Rumiko (Yuki Nohira from Wet & Rope) is a behaving inappropriately lady who got captured  robbing the money her daddy had at home for bribes. Daddy just wouldn't accuse her of that, but when he caught her having sex with her English teacher, he was warranted in delivering her to a monastery, where the nuns attempt to make her to become a nice girl. Nevertheless, after a couple of days in required piety, Rumiko (now Sister Lucia) noticed that her sins were nothing in contrast with those of other Sisters, and Mother Superior's.



Sins of Sister Lucia 1978