No Child of Mine 1997

Year: 1997

Duration: 01:23:00

Directed by: Peter Kosminsky

Actors: Brooke Kinsella, Colin Salmon and Billy Geraghty

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Voleurs d'enfance, Gestohlene Kindheit, Ei minun lapseni, Barn utan kärlek

Description: Controversial film from documentary film-maker, Peter Kosminsky (White Oleander), which has not been shown again since it's original TV broadcast over 10 years ago due to the subject matter.

This was recorded from TV onto VHS and then transferred to DVD-R.

No Child of Mine tells the harrowing story of child abuse, paedophilia and prostitution.

Based upon a real tale, this BAFTA award-winning drama by Peter Kosminsky is regarding a thirteen year old gal, Kerry (Brooke Kinsella), who is continuously sexually mistreated by a few adults and at one point, by her mom. After her dad sets her up as a prostitute, Kerry calls Childline and is put in a safe house, where she attempts to construct a future for herself. Also starring Colin Salmon, No Child of Mine won the BAFTA for Best Single Drama in 1997, as well as a string of global prizes.

Kosminsky was one of the first directors to tackle the issue of child sex abuse and, with his characteristic unwavering commitment to the truth, the film took a personal toll on many of those involved, including himself.

The film is relentless at times but the central performance from young Brooke Kinsella is stunning. I appreciate this film will not be for everyone due to it's subject matter but at the same time Kosminsky should be commended for tackling a serious issue head-on and depicting the true nature and depravity of such a horrific issue in our society today.



No Child of Mine 1997