La buena vida 1996

Year: 1996

Duration: 01:42:47

Directed by: David Trueba

Actors: Fernando Ramallo, Lucía Jiménez and Luis Cuenca

Language: Spanish (English subs)

Country: Spain

Also known as: La buena vida, Mi a boldogság?, The Good Life

Description: Tragicomic story of  life of a 14-year Tristan (Fernando Ramallo who also filmed in Backroads), who has to solve a thorny question of his living. At the begining of the film, he decided to devote himself to writing and to lose his virginity before his parents left for vacation. But his plans change from one phone call informing him that his mother and father died in a car crash. Now Tristan really has to take his destiny into his own hands ...

Review: Despite all efforts to consider in this tragicomic film, I have not found anything. There was no reason to think this picture comedy, drama, even in the mix of properties that are here the main factor determining the nature of the events and meaning of the story, the boy suddenly I species for the future of his life, this time not as cloudless as it was seen an hour ago.

No, it's not funny when a guy an appointment priestess of love, learns of the death of their parents, instead of the first sexual encounter with a frustrated slap confused with severe emotional shock ends with serenity comes time expectations and responsibility - for themselves and the patient grandfather, mentally will not part with the deceased wife.



La buena vida 1996

La buena vida 1996 English Subs