Softcore Erotic flicks

Teenage Innocence

Teenage Innocence movie
Teenage Innocence movie Run time:
Teenage Innocence movie Rating: 6.3
Teenage Innocence movie Genres: Drama
Teenage Innocence movie Director: Chris Warfield
Teenage Innocence movie Writers: E.E. Patchen, Chris Warfield, Lima Productions

Teenage Innocence movie Stars: John Alderman, Sandy Dempsey, Terri Johnson

Teenage Innocence movie Year: 1973
Teenage Innocence movie Source: Teenage Innocence movie
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Mustang Sally

Mustang Sally movie
Mustang Sally movie Run time:
Mustang Sally movie Rating: 4.4
Mustang Sally movie Genres: Action,Horror,Thriller
Mustang Sally movie Director: Iren Koster
Mustang Sally movie Writers: Iren Koster, Mustang Sally LLC, Silvers/Koster Productions

Mustang Sally movie Stars: Elizabeth Daily, Lindsey Labrum, Mark Parrish

Mustang Sally movie Year: 2006
Mustang Sally movie Source: Mustang Sally movie
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The Ceremony

The Ceremony movieErotiki teleti (original title)

The Ceremony movie Run time: 1h 30min
The Ceremony movie Rating: 4.0
The Ceremony movie Genres: Crime,Romance
The Ceremony movie Director: Omiros Efstratiadis

The Ceremony movie Writers: Giannis Sklavos, G.D. Films

The Ceremony movie Stars: Hristos Nomikos, Maria Konsta, Yiorgos Gintis

The Ceremony movie Year: 1979
The Ceremony movie Source: The Ceremony movie
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Intimate Teenager

Intimate Teenager movieSchlüsselloch-Report (original title)

Intimate Teenager movie Run time: 1h 27min
Intimate Teenager movie Rating: 4.1
Intimate Teenager movie Genres: Comedy
Intimate Teenager movie Director: Walter Boos

Intimate Teenager movie Writers: F.B. Alleman, Rapid Film

Intimate Teenager movie Stars: Puppa Armbruster, Mariama Barry, Minouche Bary

Intimate Teenager movie Year: 1973
Intimate Teenager movie Source: Intimate Teenager movie
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Virgins of Sherwood Forest

Virgins of Sherwood Forest movie
Virgins of Sherwood Forest movie Run time: 1h 20min
Virgins of Sherwood Forest movie Rating: 3.6
Virgins of Sherwood Forest movie Genres: Adventure,Comedy,Romance
Virgins of Sherwood Forest movie Director: Cybil Richards

Virgins of Sherwood Forest movie Writers: Louise Monclair, Surrender Cinema, Twilight Movies

Virgins of Sherwood Forest movie Stars: Gabriella Hall, Shannan Leigh, Amber Newman

Virgins of Sherwood Forest movie Year: 2000
Virgins of Sherwood Forest movie Source: Virgins of Sherwood Forest movie
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Der Bumsladen Boss

Der Bumsladen Boss movie
Der Bumsladen Boss movie Run time: 1h 18min
Der Bumsladen Boss movie Rating: 4.1
Der Bumsladen Boss movie Genres: Comedy,Drama
Der Bumsladen Boss movie Director: Hans D. Bornhauser

Der Bumsladen Boss movie Writers: Hans D. Bornhauser

Der Bumsladen Boss movie Stars: Dorothea Rau, Natasha Michnowa, Britt Corvin

Der Bumsladen Boss movie Year: 1973
Der Bumsladen Boss movie Source: Der Bumsladen Boss movie
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Brother of Darkness

Brother of Darkness movie
Brother of Darkness movie Run time: 1h 24min
Brother of Darkness movie Rating: 5.8
Brother of Darkness movie Genres: Horror, Mystery, Romance
Brother of Darkness movie Director: Hin Sing ‘Billy’ Tang

Brother of Darkness movie Writers: Heung Sang Kong

Brother of Darkness movie Stars: Lily Chung, Hugo Ng, Ka-Kui Ho

Brother of Darkness movie Year: 1994
Brother of Darkness movie Source: Brother of Darkness movie
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Victim of Desire

Victim of Desire movie
Victim of Desire movie Run time: 1h 25min
Victim of Desire movie Rating: 3.9
Victim of Desire movie Genres: Drama,Thriller
Victim of Desire movie Director: Jim Wynorski

Victim of Desire movie Writers: William C. Martell, Concorde-New Horizons

Victim of Desire movie Stars: Marc Singer, Shannon Tweed, Johnny Williams

Victim of Desire movie Year: 1995
Victim of Desire movie Source: Victim of Desire movie
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When Passions Collide

When Passions Collide movie
When Passions Collide movie Run time: 1h 32min
When Passions Collide movie Rating: 5.6
When Passions Collide movie Genres: Thriller
When Passions Collide movie Director: Mike Kesey

When Passions Collide movie Writers: Leland Zaitz, Mystique Films Inc.

When Passions Collide movie Stars: François Rodrigue, Kristin Herold, Breck Harmel

When Passions Collide movie Year: 1998
When Passions Collide movie Source: When Passions Collide movie
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Eroticide movie
Eroticide movie Run time: 38min
Eroticide movie Rating: 6.8
Eroticide movie Genres: Short,Drama
Eroticide movie Director: Matthew Saliba
Eroticide movie Writers: Andrée-Anne Saliba, Matthew Saliba, East Empire Productions, Juventus Films International, Sinema Saliba

Eroticide movie Stars: Jocelin Haas, Stephanie van Rijn, Lisa Di Capa

Eroticide movie Year: 2013
Eroticide movie Source: Eroticide movie
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