Special offer for all lovers of Exploitation films

 Hi Guys! I want to offer you a good deal. I want to offer you an easy and useful way of obtaining a free premium account for wipfiles service... What you need to do is to upload short movie clips at cutscenes.net. I think that 3 clips for one premium day would be a good suggestion.

  • 3 clips - 1 day
  • 6 clips - 2 days
  • ....................
  • 90 clips - 30 days
  • Super special offer for those who published more than 100 clips

There are a lot of places where you can find clips from exploitation movies, like tubes, forums and blogs. Or you can download any movie from this blog and cut it in small scenes using VirtualDub - You can find here and here how to cut videos from the movie. I would also like to remind you that cutscenes is a unique free video tube for exploitation genre. So with uploading your scenes and sharing them with other users you will make CutScenes much better for everyone.

After you upload more than 3 clips simply contact with me from the same email which you registered at cutscenes so I could send you a free premium account

Guys just one thing... stop posting the hardcore scenes.... It's really enough of them... Try to upload good scenes without nudity, sex. There are a lot of others nice things in explotation movies :)


Comments, Opinions and Complaints

Comments, Opinions and Complaints

Hi guys! Thanks for leaving your requests at the wish page, cause it really helps me out. I don't need to spend my time searching for a good fresh content for a next update. And it's great!

But what I need is that you will leave more comments and complaints under the posts. Yes, I would really like to know your opinion about each published movie. So if you have a free minute please leave a comment below the post of the film, which you just watched. It will be very helpful to me. Thanks!

PS New updates are coming very soon.

Love Making U.S.A.

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The Banker

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Ground Zero

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Dance with Death

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Half Moon

Half Moon 2010 Continue reading about the film Half Moon

Rough Draft

Rough Draft / Diary of a Serial Killer Continue reading about the film Rough Draft

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