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Comments, Opinions and Complaints

Comments, Opinions and Complaints movie

Hi guys! Thanks for leaving your requests at the wish page, cause it really helps me out. I don’t need to spend my time searching for a good fresh content for a next update. And it’s great!

But what I need is that you will leave more comments and complaints under the posts. Yes, I would really like to know your opinion about each published movie. So if you have a free minute please leave a comment below the post of the film, which you just watched. It will be very helpful to me. Thanks!

PS New updates are coming very soon.


Surgikill movie
Surgikill movie Run time:
Surgikill movie Rating: 4.3
Surgikill movie Genres: Comedy,Horror
Surgikill movie Director: Andy Milligan

Surgikill movie Writers: Sherman Hirsh, Andy Milligan

Surgikill movie Stars: Bouvier, Dan Foster-Jones, Michael Lunsford

Surgikill movie Year: 1989
Surgikill movie Source: Surgikill movie
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Lucrezia Borgia

Lucrezia Borgia movie
Lucrezia Borgia movie Run time: 1h 22min
Lucrezia Borgia movie Rating: 3.7
Lucrezia Borgia movie Director: Lorenzo Onorati

Lucrezia Borgia movie Stars: Lucia Prato, Carmen Di Pietro, Gala Orlova

Lucrezia Borgia movie Source: Lucrezia Borgia movie
Continue reading about the film Lucrezia Borgia

Take Me, I’m Old Enough

Take Me, I'm Old Enough movieEt ma soeur ne pense qu’à ça (original title)

Take Me, I'm Old Enough movie Run time:
Take Me, I'm Old Enough movie Rating: 6.2
Take Me, I'm Old Enough movie Director: Henri Xhonneux

Take Me, I'm Old Enough movie Writers: ODEC

Take Me, I'm Old Enough movie Stars: Vanina Cranfield, P. De Brunet, Jacqueline De Meester

Take Me, I'm Old Enough movie Source: Take Me, I'm Old Enough movie
Continue reading about the film Take Me, I’m Old Enough


Strähl movie
Strähl movie Run time:
Strähl movie Rating: 7.2
Strähl movie Genres: Crime,Drama
Strähl movie Director: Manuel Flurin Hendry
Strähl movie Writers: David Keller, Michael Sauter, Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG

Strähl movie Stars: Roeland Wiesnekker, Johanna Bantzer, Nderim Hajrullahu

Strähl movie Year: 2004
Strähl movie Source: Strähl movie
Continue reading about the film Strähl

Kiss the Abyss

Kiss the Abyss movie
Kiss the Abyss movie Run time:
Kiss the Abyss movie Rating: 4.3
Kiss the Abyss movie Genres: Horror
Kiss the Abyss movie Director: Ken Winkler

Kiss the Abyss movie Writers: Eric Rucker, Ken Winkler, Risen Pictures

Kiss the Abyss movie Stars: Nikki Moore, Scott Wilson, Scott Mitchell Nelson

Kiss the Abyss movie Year: 2012
Kiss the Abyss movie Source: Kiss the Abyss movie
Continue reading about the film Kiss the Abyss


Widziadlo movie
Widziadlo movie Run time:
Widziadlo movie Rating: 6.1
Widziadlo movie Genres: Drama,Horror
Widziadlo movie Director: Marek Nowicki
Widziadlo movie Writers: Karol Irzykowski, Marek Nowicki, Zespol Filmowy “Perspektywa”

Widziadlo movie Stars: Roman Wilhelmi, Marzena Trybala, Hanna Mikuc

Widziadlo movie Year: 1984
Widziadlo movie Source: Widziadlo movie
Continue reading about the film Widziadlo

Dead Eye

Dead Eye movie
Dead Eye movie Run time:
Dead Eye movie Rating: 8.7
Dead Eye movie Genres: Horror,Thriller
Dead Eye movie Director: Louis Affortunato
Dead Eye movie Writers: Louis Affortunato, Rubicon Features

Dead Eye movie Stars: Gary Devirgilio, Hank Offinger, Joel M. Reed

Dead Eye movie Year: 2011
Dead Eye movie Source: Dead Eye movie
Continue reading about the film Dead Eye

Heavy Metal Horror

Heavy Metal Horror movie
Heavy Metal Horror movie Run time:
Heavy Metal Horror movie Rating: 4.5
Heavy Metal Horror movie Genres: Thriller
Heavy Metal Horror movie Director: Richard Boylan
Heavy Metal Horror movie Writers: Richard Boylan, Mel Hoy, Experience Everything Productions

Heavy Metal Horror movie Stars: Richard Boylan, Anthony Rhys Davies, Chris Davison

Heavy Metal Horror movie Year: 2014
Heavy Metal Horror movie Source: Heavy Metal Horror movie
Continue reading about the film Heavy Metal Horror

Gut Instincts

Gut Instincts movie
Gut Instincts movie Run time:
Gut Instincts movie Rating: 6.4
Gut Instincts movie Genres: Horror
Gut Instincts movie Director: Michelle Henderson
Gut Instincts movie Writers: Ari Blum, Shannon Casto, Little Oak Film Group

Gut Instincts movie Stars: Parrish Randall, Chad Thackston, Chani

Gut Instincts movie Year: 2012
Gut Instincts movie Source: Gut Instincts movie
Continue reading about the film Gut Instincts

Deadly Birthday Party

Deadly Birthday Party movie
Deadly Birthday Party movie Run time:
Deadly Birthday Party movie Rating: 5.9
Deadly Birthday Party movie Genres: Horror
Deadly Birthday Party movie Director: Natu Nimuee
Deadly Birthday Party movie Writers: Natu Nimuee, Honey Moon Squirrel

Deadly Birthday Party movie Stars: Dajana Gierth, Julia Lorenz, Matthias Beitien

Deadly Birthday Party movie Year: 2014
Deadly Birthday Party movie Source: Deadly Birthday Party movie
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