Susana (1951)

Year: 1951

Duration: 01:26:05

Directed by: Luis Buñuel

Actors: Rosita Quintana, Fernando Soler, Víctor Manuel Mendoza, Fernando Soler

Language: Spanish (English subs)

Country: Mexico

Also known as: The Devil and the Flesh, Susanna - Tochter des Lasters, Susanna, Susana la perverse

Description: Young, beautiful, healthy and energy woman Susana, but without the rear, one with no family support. How to get into her life? How to find your place in the sun, when it seems that all the Vip-space already sold out? What is beauty - vice or virtue, good or evil, and can, and then, and more?

The heroine of the film disturbs residents patriarchal quiet hacienda, becoming a bone of contention calm - a bit naive, a bit of prey - and makes the three men from themselves at each other's throats. Only the intervention of another woman "saves" position.



Susana (1951)

Susana (1951) English subs