Reten de Mujeres 1988

Year: 1988

Duration: 01:22:45

Directed by: Carlos Lopez

Actors: Zamira Segura, Lula Bertucci, Aura Rivas, Nacky Guttman, Francis Rueda, Zoe Ducos, Romelia Aguero, Maria Escalona, Vilma Otazo

Language: Spanish

Country: Venezuela

Also known as: Detention of Women

Description: Her lover left her, his wife does not let her to pass, her friend got in touch with terrorists, and her lawyer was an ordinary piece of shit. Can anyone go through all this and not get crazy?

Review: This was already the eighth band of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, who filmed mostly films about love, including - erotic in content, especially at the beginning of his film career. And this picture is a great success in Spain, and then purchased for the world rolled by the American company "Orion" (in the U.S. even tried to do a remake, and like Jane Fonda was going to play the female lead) has gained wide acceptance in different countries, marked by prestigious film awards. The reason for the first time Almodovar achieved wide popularity was, perhaps, is that the 38-year-old stage director managed to combine the "Reten de Mujeres" as if the two layers-screen narration.

Ordinary, unsophisticated audience will see the light in the film, a funny comedy about an actress dubbing Pepe Marcos, who has just thrown a colleague Ivan, who remained her lover for several years. Some tightening exposure film director then catching up, piling one unbelievable situation after another, turning almost all a farce. But the second layer pattern is designed for the experienced amateur movie, which certainly must catch the origin of the plot, inspired by the famous play "The Human Voice" by Jean Cocteau. Also noticeable citationality outright parody and many of the scenes, the conscious "kitsch" and "masskulturnost" style, the deliberate search in the plot absurdities, the use of film and acting. Best way the film - like "Reten de Mujeres" And sometimes it begins to seem that the director, playing a kind of "comedy-kitsch", goes so elusive face losing yet subtle sense and taste.



Reten de Mujeres