Garage Olimpo movie

Year: 1999

Duration: 01:39:46

Directed by: Marco Bechis

Actors: Antonella Costa, Carlos Echevarría, Enrique Piñeyro, Pablo Razuk, Chiara Caselli, Dominique Sanda

Language: Italian (English, French, Italian, Spanish subtitles)

Country: Italy

Also known as: Garage Olimpo - kidutuskammio, Korjaamo - olimpo, Olimpo garaji

Description: "Garage Olimpo" - the name of one of the concentration camps, which were abundant in Argentina organized the reign of brutal military junta in 7D's - 80's of the last century. At this time, there is an action movie.

Buenos Aires. Maria lives with her mother Diana in a big old house. They have a tenant - a humble young man named Felix, passionately in love with Mary. He does not have one, he said that a security guard in a parking garage.

Maria - a teacher, she is a member of the underground organization. When she was arrested, she was horrified to see their tormentors of Felix. Now she has to find out how strong and sincere his love ...

In the second half of the twentieth century, at a time when Argentina almost every year one coup after another, Maradona has not grown, and monkeys and Dons Pedro continued to live in neighboring Brazil as a film "Garage Olimpo" to leave in principle could . But when globalization covers the most remote places on the planet, the color revolutions are not close to Latin America, and it seemed to all have freedom of speech film "Garage Olimpo" just had to come out and show the cruelty of Argentine camps.

True this is not happening, and hints of cruelty working in the concentration camps of prisoners chained to like electric car pytatelnoy naked heroine is, but it is limited to torture myself shouting through the door. Prevailing at that time in the country, too much of the horrors transmitted in words, even a terrorist attack committed by a liberation activist organizations in the apartment of a high-ranking military, only hint, and the explosion film was necessary.

Even making the low budget film, so, probably, all the Argentine cinema, that the author of these lines has so far been no sign, is a picture of the "Garage Olimpo" some student work, even the cast leave the impression that they are playing themselves, or their parents were young. Litres of tears and screams in a rare scene convinced that the actors are more than a small step in the movies.

Bait is to purchase DVDs of the movie is listed on the box of little-known film festival prizes, such as the International Film Festival in Cartagena Film Festival in Havana (first prize) and the FIPRESCI Prize at the Thessaloniki something else in Italy, and the prize for the installation of the critics of Argentina, t . is a case where the film takes not a prize, but their number, albeit small. Plus, is the discovery of new points on the map of international film festivals. In addition to other things, and this beautiful music from the main menu, the film marked the competition program "Un Certain Regard" at the Cannes Film Festival-1999

The history of the heroine Maria is from two perspectives: first, it is a teacher for illiterate and is in the underground resistance. Second in her home living tenant tenant in our opinion, working in a concentration camp, and in love with Mary. When the character gets into a concentration camp, where he works, Felix, the viewer, and not waiting for a close-up of Argentine underground, now expects that here it is the Mexican soap opera, and that all the facts on hand: he, she, difficult situation, a chance meeting with torture love. Grandma told me that in the Latin American soap operas always.



Garage Olimpo 1999

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