Female Agents 2008

Year: 2008

Duration: 01:52:07

Directed by: Jean-Paul Salomé

Actors: Sophie Marceau, Julie Depardieu, Moritz Bleibtreu, Marie Gillain

Language: French | German | English (English subs)

Country: France

Also known as: Les femmes de l'ombre, Espías en la sombra, Female Agents - Geheimkommando Phoenix, Síla odvahy

Description: During World War II the French Resistance member Louise Defonten (Sophie Marceau - L’amour braque) after the death of her husband flees to London, where he soon became the agent and a part of a secret organization set up by Churchill SOE. Soon comes first task - to pull out of Hitler's hospital wounded British agent who knows too much about the impending Allied invasion of Normandy. Louise instructed to collect only the women's team, and in this case, all means are good: and persuasion, and the lies and threats.

Review: Movies based on real events, especially movies about World War II, always call more attention to detail: as well as whether it was really the case? Unfortunately, the real stories that served as the basis of a film, I could not find. So alas it was not to compare with anything ... But the realism of some moments, of course, raises questions: all too easy to manage the main characters, torture by the Gestapo some good too, Germans are dying packs ... But if you think that it's still in fact it was, then you know that the director is not so much things and embellished for the sake of the audience, in other words it and especially that it could not be ... And no apparent realism - the only one in my opinion, the lack of a movie ...

The plot of Female Agents is not always predictable and takes the soul ... Sophie Marceau, of course, replays all the others, but not so much so that it caught the eye ...

And most importantly, what impressed me more that I appreciate most in the film - it's a good "image". Thank you operator and those who did the sets and costumes. Yes, their work is almost no novelty, but everything is done as it should, but it is not enough at the moment!

Yes, the movie is not a masterpiece, but good enough to see him once or twice. And as another of the story has not yet taken off, and war movies I love.

Review #2: Interesting in its conception and carrying with it a good idea grateful about not forgetting the tradition of historical feats of our ancestors, the story broke on a very bad scenario and the same unintelligible director of a Jean-Paul Salomé, who, picking up the story of the heroic embodiment of female warriors, who in the years World War II was performed special tasks in a fascist rear, apparently did not know exactly what kind of product he wants to make - whether war drama, or adventure boevichok average poshiba.

As a result, the level of artistic consistency get something in between "Posse" Delta "with Chuck Norris in the lead role, and our families have multiple parts" Saboteurs ", but with a clear superiority in the work of a famous actor-karate. Extremely ineptly directed line up storylines that stubbornly refused to accept slender appearance conceived the idea of ​​a serious and more like a primitive game of "war."

Theme of World is a very painful one for the memory of millions of people, so the director going to cover the gaming aspect of this or that side of the war, there is always a risk to meet the viewer misunderstanding or even utter rejection of his work. To conceived of the project turned out claims to a positive perception of the picture, can not be treated in this topic is an easy walk to both the heroes with guns blazing and grenades in every pocket.

In Jean-Paul Salom which had historically been the case in reality the story of brave women who gave their lives for the freedom of his country, was Sophie Marceau, a decent enough actress to provide a picture of the necessary support to professional acting. Unfortunately, except Marceau, all the other artists have played mediocre and extremely pathetic, especially in the dialogues, which in the film take precedence over action game. The script came out soggy and totally unprepared for the realization of a cinematographic work. Sensations such as if it appends already in the course of filming, so primitive should be the development of all the action.

What can be learned for myself, watching the film "Female Agents" without sophistication in choosing a name which speaks for itself? The fact that Sophie Marceau is still a beautiful woman - yes! The fact that Moritz Bleibtreu (he also played in The Experiment and Baader Meinhof Complex films) more suitable than comedic roles suit Gestapo officer - of course. What stores rifles and pistols clips the characters are still, as in the good old unpretentious action movies, never run down - that's for sure!



Female Agents 2008