Cruelty: Black Rose Torture 1975

Year: 1975

Duration: 01:16:03

Directed by: Katsuhiko Fujii

Actors: Terumi Azuma, Eimei Esumi, Akira Takahashi, Naomi Tani

Language: Japanese (English subs)

Country: Japan

Also known as: Zankoku: Kurobara rinchi

Description: Yumiko and her housekeeper take their own path to visit her cousin whom she didn't see for a long time. Her brother is involved inside a kind of radical group against authorities and the housekeeper offers a fairly big break on the cousin. While in the train, the she was raped by another passenger. After finding Yumiko's bro - he runs away from police. The police officers grab a couple of women as hostages and raped them very hard.

CRUELTY: BLACK ROSE TORTURE just isn't the most known pinku violence movie nowadays, although the plot line is in fact a much more interesting and emotional than more and more of the common asian and sleazy flicks.

From director Katsuhiko Fujii, the film maker of Snake Hole and Bridal Doll



Cruelty: Black Rose Torture 1975