Year: 1993

Duration: 01:39:01

Directed by: Lloyd A.Simandl and John Curtis

Actors: Brigitte Nielsen, Paul Koslo, Kimberley, Kari Whitman, Jana Svandova, Marek Vasut, Lucie Benes, Marketa Hrube

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Chained Heat - Enchainées France, Sorvegliata speciale

Description: Unjustly convicted for transportation of drugs, Alex finds herself in infamous women's prison "Razik," which  boss arranged from this detention a real hell - the girls "delivered" in brothels for sadists, forced into prepacking drugs, filmed in porn movies. Few who managed to get out of prison alive. Alex rushes to the help to her sister Susanne ...

The first film of the same title dated to the year 1983 and more in addition to the overall theme of "Women's Prison" does not look like a continuation. Inflamed fantasy authors created in socialist Czechoslovakia a hotbed of corruption in the style of the Marquis de Sade. Here, imprisoned Razek, for indulging vices headmistress Magda Kassar (Nielsen) dumped unfortunate girls. Alexander Morrison, a young American woman, too, has fallen into the clutches of Magda, rushes to the aid of her sister. A lot of spicy nudity, Tinto Brass was very glad to



Chained Heat 2

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