Caged Woman 1970 movie

Year: 1970

Duration: 01:00:22

Directed by: Unknown

Actors: Bill Jones, Terri Johnson, Tess Drake, Nan Beal, Mary Steige

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Caged women (1970)

Description: Caged Woman is one of the WIP movies dealing with the women in stir. Moviemakers apparently gave a God's eye view of people making love. The plot is not that fresh but appealing: women are constantly arriving at some office where they meet a couple of drowsy guards who immediately admit women to a cell. Meanwhile, each of them yields a simulated sex vignette. You will see many cells of the jail with the floor covered with linoleum and as much furniture as the only squeaky cot serving as bed, which is used again and again. All the listless characters are doing their groping in a zombie-like fashion, but similar to a turn-on. The most recognizable actress that you will see is a blonde Terri Johnson, but the movie's highlight seems to be Tess Drake with her swollen brown nipples, who actually succeeds in evoking erections from the two guards, which is quite unusual in this softcore age.




Caged Woman 1970