Bound Heat: Twisted Love movie

Year: 2006

Duration: 01:28:37

Directed by: Lloyd A. Simandl

Actors: Andrea Nemcova, Michaela Jodlova, Katrina Henesova, Deny Moor, Tereza Dvoráková, Katerina Novotná

Language: English

Country: Canada | Czech Republic

Also known as: Twisted Love, Slave Auction

Description: Group of beautiful young women on the route to the competition model undergoes seizure when their van breaks down. Their problems are just beginning, as they are located in the dungeons of a medieval castle, which is a basis for women to sell at auction. Laura chatelaine requires their self-love, but it certainly involves coercion and abuse, which they carry in their hands and the hands of her two beautiful assistants.



Bound Heat: Twisted Love

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Bound Heat: Twisted Love movie