Kleinhoff Hotel 1977

Year: 1977

Duration: 01:28:22

Directed by: Carlo Lizzani

Actors: Corinne Cléry, Bruce Robinson, Katja Rupé, Rodolfo Dal Pra, Werner Pochath

Language: English

Country: Italy

Also known as: The Passionate Strangers, Insólito Encontro, Otel Kleinhoff

Description: Pascale, married to an architect, misses her flight to London and is forced to stay in Berlin, at the Kleinhoff Hotel where she stayed as a student. Karl, a would-be revolutionary lives in the adjoining room and Pascale spies him and his ex-girl-friend through a hole. Then she follows him to a questionable place where she is arrested by the police during a revolutionists raid. When she returns to the Kleinhoff Hotel, Pascale finds Karl crying, and enters his room to console him and they have a love affair. When Karl kills himself while she sleeps, Pascale, on awakening, coldly dresses and leaves the hotel.



Kleinhoff Hotel 1977