Captured for Sex 2 movie

Year: 1986

Duration: 01:07:26

Directed by:  Ryuichi Hiroki, Hitoshi Ishikawa

Actors: Sôji Kanebako, Aiko Matsuoka and Megumi Sano

Language: Japanese (English subs)

Country: Japan

Also known as: Kankin sei no dorei: Ikenie 2

Description: A couple, driving through the country, meet a sadist who abducts them and subjects them to various forms of carnal horseplay. Being Japanese, the inevitable happens: The boyfriend of the couple becomes the apprentice of the sadist and the two men abuse the woman together. The climax is wonderfully audacious and downright evil. The "victim" is suspended in an elaborate rope web strung between two trees in the woods. Little-seen but never forgotten, this slick masterpiece was directed by not one but four people who used a  collective pseudonym to produce other films of this ilk, but none eclipse the savage perfection of this.



Captured for Sex 2