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  1. MovieAddict
    March 20, 2015

    During an interview with Fright (August 2008)Erika Smith (Van Helsing) said: “It’s really a softcore porn and I’m the comic relief. I don’t have any sex scenes, I just tried to do funny stuff” …..
    And that’s exactly what you get: 1% of laughs with a nerdy Erika Smith and 99% of softcore lesbian sex staging Darian Cane (Dracula), Isadora Edison (Klownie), Jessica Abbott (Smokin’), Andrea Davies (Hottie), A.J. Khan (Philomenia), Tatiana Stone (Duey) and Misty Mundae (Maiden #2)
    I wonder what Bram Stoker would say, if he had seen this tongue-in-cheek T & A version of his epistolary novel.

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