Leptirica 1973

Year: 1973

Duration: 01:01:54

Directed by: Djordje Kadijevic

Actors: Mirjana Nikolic, Petar Bozovic, Slobodan Perovic

Language: Serbo-Croatian | English Sub-Titles

Country: Yugoslavia

Also known as: Лептирица

Description: The film Leptirica is set in a remote Serbian village , where there is one damn place - a mill . Everyone who goes there to work , after a while dying at the hands ( or rather teeth) vampire. No one saw him , but the bite marks speak for themselves . After the death of another one of the villagers do not even want to approach this damned structure , which means that the whole village will be left without bread. The film's protagonist , a poor young man named Strahinja seeking the blessings of the rich father of his beloved Radoykov and, of course , is denied .

In desperation, he decides to leave the village , but the locals are trying to persuade him to work in the mill , as well as the guy needs money , he agrees. On the first night to him, and indeed is a vampire, but Strahinja miraculously survived . He told all the villagers and they decided that it rises from the grave very bad man named Sheba , who died in these places more than a century ago. They find his grave and drive a stake right into the coffin , and at the same time helping the guy steal the bride. The case goes to the wedding, but he still does not know what is waiting for him on their wedding night ...



Leptirica 1973

(English Sub-Titles)