The Phantom Eye 1999 | Free Download

Year: 1999

Duration: 1:02:26

Directed by: Roger Corman

Actors: Roger Corman, Sarah Aldrich, David Sean Robinson

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Roger Corman's The Phantom Eye

Description: Dr. Gorman (Roger Corman - Bloody Mama) sends two interns into dead storage to search for the movie to be shown as the finale of Monsterfest at midnight, The Phantom Eye. Gorman neglects to tell them that they are now trapped in the film library where the must go through different horror movies in search of The Phantom Eye. If they die in a movie they will die for real and if they don't find The Phantom Eye by midnight, they will be trapped in the library forever. Will Joey (David Sean Robinson) & Cathy (Sarah Aldrich) find the movie? Will Dr. Gorman release Beulah? And what about the Tanna Leaves? Download this Corman AMC original to find out.



The Phantom Eye 1999 | Free Download