The Curse of Blanchard Hill 2006

Year: 2006

Duration: 01:13:05

Directed by: Chris Hazenberg, Zach Klinefelter

Actors: Benjamin Barton, Kristin Santler, Matt Dick

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Haunting Illusions, Wrath of the Evergreen Slasher


Victor McShane vanished on Blanchard Hill in the springtime of 1985. None of us understands how it happened to him... 20 years later, a team of travelers go on a walk on Blanchard, not aware that a slayer is on the free, destroying people without blessing. Two investigators are called up to Blanchard Hill to resolve the secret and discover the travelers before they endure a destiny even worse than killing.




The Curse of Blanchard Hill 2006