Il macellaio / The Butcher 1998

Year: 1998

Duration: 01:20:38

Directed by: Aurelio Grimaldi

Actors: Alba Parietti, Predrag Manojlovic and Lorenzo Majnoni

Language: Italian | English Subtitle

Country: Italy

Also known as: El carnicero, Mesar, Sicak Ten, The Butcher

Description: Alina's marriage with Daniel - on the verge of collapse. The reasons are many, but the main thing for a sensual and beautiful woman, Alina, are cold relationships with her husband, which made her ​​life imprisonment existent. Once she picks lock from the "prison", in which long languished her thirsty soul ...

Directed by Aurelio Grimaldi, the maker of La donna lupo



Il macellaio 1998

Il macellaio 1998 English Subitles