Swingers 2002

Year: 2002

Duration: 01:32:37

Directed by: Stephan Brenninkmeijer

Actors: Ellen van der Koogh, Danny de Kok, Nienke Brinkhuis

Language: Dutch

Country: Netherlands

Also known as: Swingers - Sex auf Bestellung

Description: Diane and Julian - the usual couple. They live together for a long time, and being quite sexually liberated people, decided on an unusual experiment - take a swing, that is, sex with another of the same pair. For this, they agree to meet with Timo and Alexander, who have not seen before. As for Diana and Julian for the first time, they are nervous and can not tune in to the intimate of the evening.

Timo and Alexander, as the more experienced swingers, help them liberated, and, little by little, everything goes in the right direction. Diana and Julian are obvious pleasure from what is happening and, to all appearances, that's what they lacked in life. Alexander, too, is in his element, which is not the Timo. He, oddly enough, is experiencing severe emotional distress and because of his evening prematurely ends. The next day, followed by a number of interesting twists, explanation of the relationship in a pair Timo and Alexandra, and we are witnessing the transformation of Diana, who feels comfortable in the new world of swing and become more self-confident, and Timo, who, on the contrary, decided to engage with swing, and now only from Alexandra depends whether he will stay with her.

From director Stephan Brenninkmeijer, who also made Caged (2011)



Swingers 2002

Swingers 2002 (english subtitles)