O Filho da Prostituta 1981

Year: 1981

Duration: 01:34:25

Directed by: Francisco Cavalcanti

Actors:  Francisco Cavalcanti, Zilda Mayo, Joffre Soares

Language: Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Also known as: Aberracoes de uma Prostituta, The son of a prostitute

Description: Linda, a beautiful prostitute who caters to the elite, is impregnated by Clovis, a man enriched by world trade. Born two sons, identical, and one is raised by his mother and the other is under the tutelage of his father. Passes up the time. Márcio, with his father's death, becomes heir to a fortune. The other boy, created by Linda becomes an outcast. Upon learning that has a twin brother, Mario marginal murderous occupying his post . the home gardener, Cabral, discovers the ruse. To escape, the killer orders his henchmen to all employees and neighbors of the mansion are imprisoned, before someone would betray the police. In compliance with the order, the goons rape women they fall to hand. Prisoners are organized, try to escape, but are recaptured, and Cabral, shot in flight, is presumed dead. Cabral, however, regains consciousness and, with great effort, kills the fake Mario, losing their henchmen and free the prisoners. O Filho da Prostituta was filmed by Francisco Cavalcanti, who also made Ivone, a Rainha do Pecado



O Filho da Prostituta 1981