Lauderdale / Spring Fever 1989

Year: 1989

Duration: 01:31:04

Directed by: Bill Milling

Actors:  Renee Shugart, Darrel Guilbeau, Jeff Greenman

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Des filles craquantes!, Febre de Verao, Febre de verao, L'escapade Lauderdale, Spring Break, Spring Fever

Description: Lauderdale follows the adventures of college dweeb Larry Wilson as he meets the girl of his dreams, Heather (Janine Lindemulder), loses her and takes a journey across and around America to get her back/into her pants.

Meanwhile, Heather is being chased by the world’s most inept gang, who are trying to kidnap her for reasons not worth going into.  The fact that the ‘muscle’ in this gang goes by the moniker ‘the Dork Brothers’ should give you some idea of their incompetence (as well as demonstrating the depths of wit that have gone into the screenplay).  Unfortunately Heather proves herself as equally witless as this gang, repeatedly allowing herself to be recaptured, meaning that Larry spends half the movie having to rescue/re-rescue her from these half-wits.

When she’s not being held captive by the fuckwits Heather is constantly crossing the country in search of the ultimate beach party.  This gives the director the opportunity for lots of road trip montages, to the musical accompaniment of some godawful poodle rock. A Ron Jeremy (Real Doll the Movie and Taboo 2) cameo, always a sure-fire guarantee of a quality movie




Lauderdale 1989