James Joyce's Women movie

Year: 1985

Duration: 01:23:16

Directed by: Michael Pearce

Actors: Fionnula Flanagan, Chris O'Neill and James E. O'Grady

Language: English

Country: Ireland

Also known as: Kobiety Jamesa Joyce'a

Description: In this tribute to James Joyce, Fionnula Flanagan gives a tour-de-force performance as a half-dozen or so women in Joyce's real and fictional worlds. When she portrays his wife Nora remembering their time together, Flanagan captures the era and the author in lyrical detail. As Sylvia Beach, the woman who first published Ulysses, new dimensions concerning the importance of Nora in Joyce's literary visions of women emerge, and when Flanagan interprets Joyce characters like Molly Bloom or a washerwoman from Finnegan's Wake, the beauty of Joyce's language shines through the melodious words.



James Joyces Women