A Mulher Que Inventou o Amor movie

Year: 1979

Duration: 01:40:01

Directed by: Jean Garret

Actors: Ricardo Angelini, Carlos Arena and Rodolfo Arena

Language: Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Also known as: 

Description: Simple-minded young woman becomes a successful prostitute.

Doralice is a young and naive romantic who ends up becoming a prostitute successful. Known as the Queen of Moan, her situation improved after meeting Dr. Perdigao, old millionaire who chooses for her lover exclusive. Changing his name to Talulah and starts chasing Caesar Augustus, a TV actor who always admired, managing to seduce him. Caesar doth submit to the wishes of Talulah who teaches him the secrets of his profession. Undecided between fascination and revulsion for the woman, Caesar ends up reject it. To compensate for their suffering, Talulah indulges in other men just to humiliate them. Retrieves the trust itself, and again tries to lure the actor. Invite him to dinner and then to love Talulah kills. Feeling alone, Talulah hear the Wedding March beside the dead lover



A Mulher Que Inventou o Amor