Strip Nude For Your Killer

Year: 1975

Duration: 01:33:55

Directed by: Andrea Bianchi

Actors: Edwige Fenech, Nino Castelnuovo and Femi Benussi

Language: English

Country: Italian

Also known as:  Nue pour l'assassin, Assassino per fotomodelle, Der geheimnisvolle Killer, Desnuda ante el asesino, Die Nacht der blanken Messer, Gymna ta thymata... maniakos o dolofonos

Description: During the criminal abortion died a worker from the modeling agency. After some time the avenger in black suit and a motorcycle helmet begins to cut all those involved in this agency.

Review: There is a category of films, write reviews which, in principle, is not required. Sufficiently define the genre and several criteria, the most of his personality. In the case of «Nude per L` Assassino »It would be easy to do so. Genre - Giallo. Yellower not happen. Criteria, respectively: the violence - an average, erotica - high, the plot - high, originality - is absent. Actually, this can be finished. Well, maybe advise those who had never faced this kind of specific Italian film, it was the tape as a visual aid ... So, for the overall development. No, of course, the history of painting and knows "podzhallistey" - but that's at least «Il vizio ha le calze nere» by Tano Cimarosa (for instance - just pretty fresh in the memory.) But the film, Andrea Bianchi before the majority of them have a distinct advantage. He very soundly shot ... What, frankly, in the case of the "operational" films, which are often referred Jalla, not always. So the aesthetic sense when viewing should not suffer in any way, except "The Shape of morality" - but in this case it is better to stay away from this genre, because erotica is an integral part of it, and the only difference in proportions. By the way, the director of this film Andrea Bianchi, has also made such pictures as Night Child and Malabimba.

«Strip Nude For Your Killer»has its name suggests (and Italian exploitation movie titles at the same time working as a slogan) that sex on the screen will be much. But the proportions with Signora Bianchi failed to comply. Numerous sex scenes and plenty in the picture of naked female bodies in no way detract from the tricky plot and does not reduce the degree of suspense. Number of suspects, of course, will be gradually squize - in the disappearance from the list of live, but independently the killer the viewer will be hard ... So, good tone seasoned detective fiction authors scrupulously.



Strip Nude For Your Killer 1975