Yo Fui Violada

Year: 1976

Duration: 01:28:02

Directed by: Rafael Portillo

Actors: Blanquita Casanova, Martha Elena Cervantes, Ricardo Cortés, Fernando Navas

Language: Spanish

Country: Mexico | Panama

Also known as: 

Description: Apparently this is supposed to be a Rape/Revenge movie, but actually, it's not. Don't get me wrong, it does have revenge and it does so happen a girl gets raped but that's not the big main point of the movie. It's more a "hippiesploitation" movie, Oh, you know what I mean: It has drugs, bizarre sex rituals, weirdos, more weirdos, and did I mention drugs?

Starring Martha Elena Cervantes, who also participated in Intrepidos Punks and Jovenes Perversos



Yo fui violada