Expensive Tastes

Year: 1978

Duration: 01:16:00

Directed by: Joanna Williams

Actors: Joey Silvera, Fanie Essex and Elaine Wells

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Por um Gosto a Mais

Description: Here is an X-rated Forced Sex Thriller.... In summary, "Expensive Tastes" is a daunting, daring piece of movie-making. Its glaring scenes of non-consensual sexual activity will leave scars on your psych. I have shown some of my hardcore films to close friends, all male and heterosexual, but I have never displayed this one. I still do not know if they would be ready for it. The main actress of this flick also starred in a hot WIP movie Jailhouse Girls

Overall, a very interesting rape/crime porn film. The story becomes interesting when a cop is determined to figure out who the mysterious masked rapists are. The dialogue was good and mean-spirited. There's also some cool twists in the movie that I didn't even see coming! Just see them for yourself. Sure this is a rape film with guys armed with knives, but it's not really violent or graphic. Most of the violence is verbal abuse and just the cutting off of clothes. The rapes weren't that harsh. In fact they were erotic cause the chicks were still compliant to instructions, willing and looking somewhat eager to do perverted shit so their lives would be spared



Expensive Tastes