Bitter Harvest 1993

Year: 1993

Duration: 01:38:13

Directed by: Duane Clark

Actors:  Patsy Kensit, Stephen Baldwin, Jennifer Rubin

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:  Blutige Ernte, Blutige Ernte,Cosecha de traicion,Csalóka érzékek,Halálos összeesküvés,Inganno pericoloso,Triângulo Indecente,Gorka žetva

Description of Bitter Harvest:Brought up in a religious family straightforward guy (Patsy Kensit - Angels and Insects) after the death of his father inherited the house and expensive collection of coins, the present price which he knows. On his plot a charming blonde, who remains for him to live, then to him in the bed jumps another blonde beauty, who buy the house.

The city is one of the Bank robbery, and then it turns out that the girls (and he lives with both) have the most direct attitude.



Bitter Harvest 1993