Wild Sex of the Children of the Night movie

Year: 1982

Duration: 01:01:53

Directed by: Levi Salgado

Actors:  Sirley Almeida, Dionísio Beraldo, Cláudia Celeste

Language:  Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Also known as: Punks - Os Filhos da Noite, Sexo Selvagem dos Filhos da Noite

Description: "The future. Young people become aggressive and violent, split into gangs of punks, whom look for power and survival. Strong females dominate weak men. The gangs are Lady's, Rats, Panthers and Baby's. The Queen of the Lady's decides to abandon everything and flee with Gatão (Big Cat), a brave fighter in search of a better world"

This is the X-Rated version of the brazilian obscure cult classic and "Mad Max" ripoff PUNKS - OS FILHOS DA NOITE, written and directed by Levi Salgado in 1982.

This "explicit version" was released in 1986 with a new title, SEXO SELVAGEM DOS FILHOS DA NOITE ("Wild Sex of the Children of the Night", in english).

In Brazil, during the '80s, it was very common for filmmakers to transform their non-pornographic films in X-Rated films, simply filming new scenes with explicit sex and adding them in movies that originally were not X-Rated!!!

That's what happened here: the main actors do not participate in explicit sex scenes, just a few extras without any relation with the main plot. You can skip the sex scenes straight to the story.



Wild Sex of the Children of the Night