Beautiful Girl Hunter  movie

Year: 1979

Duration: 01:39:56

Directed by: Noribumi Suzuki

Actors: Hiromi Namino, Shun Domon, Shôhei Yamamoto

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Dabide no hoshi: Bishôjo-gari,Star of David,Star of David: Hunting for Beautiful Girls,Exzesse im Folterkeller,Star of David: Beauty Hunting

Description: A disturbing movie filled with scenes of violence and sexual torture, Norifumi Suzuki's Star of David tells the story of Tatsuya, one whose childhood had been fraught with troubles due to incident that occurred to his parents. The respectful handsome Tatsuya's mind is not what it seems - he takes pleasure in kidnapping young girls and having sessions of sado-sexual violence with them. The film is based on a manga by Maasaki Soto.



Beautiful Girl Hunter  1979