Obsessed movie
Obsessed movie Run time: 1h 28min
Obsessed movie Rating: 6.1
Obsessed movie Genres: Drama,Thriller
Obsessed movie Director: Jonathan Sanger

Obsessed movie Writers: David E. Peckinpah, Peter K Duchow Enterprises Inc., World International Network (WIN)

Obsessed movie Stars: Shannen Doherty, William Devane, Clare Carey

Obsessed movie Year: 1992
Obsessed movie Source: Obsessed movie
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When Passions Collide

When Passions Collide movie
When Passions Collide movie Run time: 1h 32min
When Passions Collide movie Rating: 5.6
When Passions Collide movie Genres: Thriller
When Passions Collide movie Director: Mike Kesey

When Passions Collide movie Writers: Leland Zaitz, Mystique Films Inc.

When Passions Collide movie Stars: François Rodrigue, Kristin Herold, Breck Harmel

When Passions Collide movie Year: 1998
When Passions Collide movie Source: When Passions Collide movie
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Number One

Number One movie
Number One movie Run time:
Number One movie Rating: 6.0
Number One movie Genres: Drama
Number One movie Director: Les Blair
Number One movie Writers: G.F. Newman, Lutebest, Stageforum, Videoform

Number One movie Stars: Bob Geldof, Mel Smith, Alison Steadman

Number One movie Year: 1985
Number One movie Source: Number One movie
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Out of Annie’s Past

Out of Annie's Past movie
Out of Annie's Past movie Run time:
Out of Annie's Past movie Rating: 5.6
Out of Annie's Past movie Genres: Crime,Drama,Thriller
Out of Annie's Past movie Director: Stuart Cooper
Out of Annie's Past movie Writers: Pablo F. Fenjves, Karen Moore Productions, MCA Television Entertainment (MTE), Point of View Productions

Out of Annie's Past movie Stars: Catherine Mary Stewart, Scott Valentine, Dennis Farina

Out of Annie's Past movie Year: 1995
Out of Annie's Past movie Source: Out of Annie's Past movie
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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch movie
Neighborhood Watch movie Run time:
Neighborhood Watch movie Rating: 5.3
Neighborhood Watch movie Genres: Horror,Thriller
Neighborhood Watch movie Director: Graeme Whifler
Neighborhood Watch movie Writers: Graeme Whifler, Cafe Productions

Neighborhood Watch movie Stars: Terry Becker, Randall Bosley, De Anna Joy Brooks

Neighborhood Watch movie Year: 2005
Neighborhood Watch movie Source: Neighborhood Watch movie
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The Set Up

The Set Up movie
The Set Up movie Run time:
The Set Up movie Rating: 4.6
The Set Up movie Genres: Action,Drama,Thriller
The Set Up movie Director: Strathford Hamilton
The Set Up movie Writers: James Hadley Chase, Michael Thoma, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Rough Diamond Productions, Showtime Networks

The Set Up movie Stars: Billy Zane, Mia Sara, James Russo

The Set Up movie Year: 1995
The Set Up movie Source: The Set Up movie
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Hotel Exotica

Hotel Exotica movie
Hotel Exotica movie Run time:
Hotel Exotica movie Rating: 4.4
Hotel Exotica movie Genres: Drama
Hotel Exotica movie Director: Marcy Ronen
Hotel Exotica movie Writers: Dawn Pascual, Twilight Movies

Hotel Exotica movie Stars: Landon Hall, Dutch Flaherty, Ahmo Hight

Hotel Exotica movie Year: 1999
Hotel Exotica movie Source: Hotel Exotica movie
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HorrorGirl movie
HorrorGirl movie Run time:
HorrorGirl movie Rating: 0.0
HorrorGirl movie Genres: Horror,Music
HorrorGirl movie Director: Raoul Vehill

HorrorGirl movie Writers: Big Man Productions, Vigilante Films

HorrorGirl movie Stars: Ghetty Chasun, Lena Miara, Doug Walker

HorrorGirl movie Year: 1995
HorrorGirl movie Source: HorrorGirl movie
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Thunder Alley

Thunder Alley movie
Thunder Alley movie Run time:
Thunder Alley movie Rating: 6.7
Thunder Alley movie Genres: Drama
Thunder Alley movie Director: J.S. Cardone
Thunder Alley movie Writers: J.S. Cardone, Cannon Films, Golan-Globus Productions

Thunder Alley movie Stars: Roger Wilson, Jill Schoelen, Scott McGinnis

Thunder Alley movie Year: 1985
Thunder Alley movie Source: Thunder Alley movie
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Panorama Blue

Panorama Blue movie
Panorama Blue movie Run time:
Panorama Blue movie Rating: 3.9
Panorama Blue movie Genres: Comedy
Panorama Blue movie Director: Alan Roberts
Panorama Blue movie Writers: Steve Michaels, Alan Roberts Productions

Panorama Blue movie Stars: Sue Moses, Dennis Zlamal, Carona Faoro

Panorama Blue movie Year: 1974
Panorama Blue movie Source: Panorama Blue movie
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