The Power

The Power movie
The Power movie Run time:
The Power movie Rating: 4.8
The Power movie Genres: Horror
The Power movie Director: Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow
The Power movie Writers: Stephen Carpenter, Stephen Carpenter, Film Ventures International (FVI)

The Power movie Stars: Suzy Stokey, Warren Lincoln, Lisa Erickson

The Power movie Year: 1984
The Power movie Source: The Power movie
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Witchcraft movie
Witchcraft movie Run time:
Witchcraft movie Rating: 3.1
Witchcraft movie Genres: Horror
Witchcraft movie Director: Rob Spera
Witchcraft movie Writers: Jody Savin

Witchcraft movie Stars: Anat Topol, Gary Sloan, Mary Shelley

Witchcraft movie Year: 1988
Witchcraft movie Source: Witchcraft movie
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Thomasine & Bushrod

Thomasine & Bushrod movie
Thomasine & Bushrod movie Run time:
Thomasine & Bushrod movie Rating: 5.7
Thomasine & Bushrod movie Genres: Action,Crime,Western
Thomasine & Bushrod movie Director: Gordon Parks Jr.

Thomasine & Bushrod movie Writers: Max Julien, Columbia Pictures Corporation

Thomasine & Bushrod movie Stars: Max Julien, Vonetta McGee, George Murdock

Thomasine & Bushrod movie Year: 1974
Thomasine & Bushrod movie Source: Thomasine & Bushrod movie
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Hungry Mouth

Hungry Mouth movieWatashi no akai harawata (hana) (original title)

Hungry Mouth movie Run time:
Hungry Mouth movie Rating: 4.9
Hungry Mouth movie Genres: Adult,Short,Horror
Hungry Mouth movie Director: Tamakichi Anaru
Hungry Mouth movie Writers: Tamakichi Anaru, Barokku

Hungry Mouth movie Year: 1999
Hungry Mouth movie Source: Hungry Mouth movie
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Kruel movie
Kruel movie Run time:
Kruel movie Rating: 4.0
Kruel movie Genres: Horror,Thriller
Kruel movie Director: Robert Henderson
Kruel movie Writers: Robert Henderson, Robert Henderson, Boo Reese Productions, Sunset Undiscovered

Kruel movie Stars: Kierney Nelson, Dakota Morrissiey, Adam Vernier

Kruel movie Year: 2015
Kruel movie Source: Kruel movie
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Mom movie
Mom movie Run time:
Mom movie Rating: 4.9
Mom movie Genres: Comedy,Horror
Mom movie Director: Patrick Rand
Mom movie Writers: Patrick Rand, Kevin Watson, Epic Productions, Smoking Gun

Mom movie Stars: Mark Thomas Miller, Jeanne Bates, Brion James

Mom movie Year: 1991
Mom movie Source: Mom movie
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Freakshow movie
Freakshow movie Run time:
Freakshow movie Rating: 4.2
Freakshow movie Genres: Horror
Freakshow movie Director: William Cooke, Paul Talbot
Freakshow movie Writers: William Cooke, Paul Talbot, Crimson Productions

Freakshow movie Stars: Gunnar Hansen, Shannon Michelle Parsons, Brian Kelly

Freakshow movie Year: 1995
Freakshow movie Source: Freakshow movie
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Exiled in America

Exiled in America movie
Exiled in America movie Run time:
Exiled in America movie Rating: 4.9
Exiled in America movie Genres: Drama
Exiled in America movie Director: Paul Leder
Exiled in America movie Writers: William W. Norton, Paul Leder

Exiled in America movie Stars: Maxwell Caulfield, Edward Albert, Viveca Lindfors

Exiled in America movie Year: 1992
Exiled in America movie Source: Exiled in America movie
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Slipping Into Darkness

Slipping Into Darkness movie
Slipping Into Darkness movie Run time:
Slipping Into Darkness movie Rating: 4.7
Slipping Into Darkness movie Genres: Thriller
Slipping Into Darkness movie Director: Eleanor Gaver
Slipping Into Darkness movie Writers: Eleanor Gaver, Management Company Entertainment Group (MCEG)

Slipping Into Darkness movie Stars: Michelle Johnson, John D’Aquino, Neill Barry

Slipping Into Darkness movie Year: 1988
Slipping Into Darkness movie Source: Slipping Into Darkness movie
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Fast-Walking movie
Fast-Walking movie Run time:
Fast-Walking movie Rating: 6.4
Fast-Walking movie Genres: Drama
Fast-Walking movie Director: James B. Harris
Fast-Walking movie Writers: Ernest Brawley, James B. Harris, James B. Harris Productions, Lorimar Productions

Fast-Walking movie Stars: James Woods, Tim McIntire, Kay Lenz

Fast-Walking movie Year: 1982
Fast-Walking movie Source: Fast-Walking movie
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