The Final Sin 1977

Year: 1977

Duration: 01:03:00

Directed by: Cecil Howard

Actors:  Linda Wong, Richard Strong, Melba Bruce 

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: November, Cecil Howard's The Final Sin, Tonight We Love

Description: Ultra rare smutfest with a wheelchair bound pervert playing sick games with his wife, kids, and guests.  It's family night at the mansion, which includes some good old fashioned funtime rape, bondage, and a dash of incest.  Wait until you see what Linda Wong has in store for Paul Thomas.

Review: "Daddy " - a rich man . Sexy crazy guy trapped in a wheelchair. He can only satisfy his thirst, which interfere , forcing other prescribe it bizarre imagination. His love hungry wife, his precocious daughter, and his sensitive son helps - just pawns in his lovemaking . East voluptuary, Linda , and her muscular lover , Buster , provide ' Dad ' it every fantasy when they visit family . "Dad " is watching on closed circuit television because curly Linda explores his juicy wife in the bathroom. His admiration turns to ecstasy as they move from climax to climax using sex toys " Daddy " provided. Nymphet daughter and son embarrassed give ' Pope ' , a few surprises , and Buster are used in a way that he normally would never obey . Evening explodes change that stuns everyone. FINAL SIN - the ultimate in sensuality - as that burns ! "



The Final Sin