Taboo 2 1982

Year: 1982

Duration: 01:41:02

Directed by: Kirdy Stevens

Actors: Kay Parker, Dorothy LeMay, Juliet Anderson, Cara Lott, Bambi, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: 

Description: Thus, the " Taboo 2". Directed by Caird Stevens decided to repeat the success of his films in the genre of drama category X « Taboo " ( 1980) and two years later took a continuation that the box office has surpassed even the first part. As in the first film , the key topic was the " sweetest taboos ": incest and adultery .

In the film we are talking about the McBride family - mother and father - Greg (played by Eric Edwards ) and Joyce ( Honey Wilder ) , and their children - Junior (Kevin James ) and Sherry ( Dorothy Le May ) . In this family, as , and probably in many others, is not all right . When the material well-being , happiness in it, well, a little bit. Her husband lost interest in his wife , and their children because of their age are looking for on his head various sexual adventures. Begin to look for them and the parents . In this case, all the characters in the film do not even know what awaits them in this way ...

It should be noted that the second part , in spite of " stardom" (it weighed several world's most famous adult film actors of the time ) to some extent inferior to the first and third parts. First, it is too small for the role of incomparable Kay Parker (played by Barbara Scott ) . If those two movies she is the central figure , here the director has used it as a " seed ", giving the main field of the history of the other characters and the actors. Second, the film turned out easier than the first part . If Barbara Scott is realistic tormented anguish gap between the required and desired , then McBride fear rather, only the external , social opinions on crime. " And he would think if suddenly finds Y ! ... " At least I got that impression . Perhaps it came from another and because the beat Kay Parker on the part of the drama in films , few can . Of the supporting roles also remember a charismatic heroine actress Juliette Anderson , who played and Holds the " muse " ( so to speak ), swing the club.

However, the second " Taboo " as a whole supported the high standards of the trilogy. The film is an intrigue , a number of powerful love scenes . Important role in this piece, as in the rest of the trilogy , voyeuristic scenes play (usually it is in these moments of heroes decide on their future desperate measures ) and "trap ." This is when one of the participants , tired of waiting for reciprocity from the object of desire , comes up with a course in order to " sacrifice" hit the " trap " that is, to him in bed . Such techniques are playing the role of key moments in the film.

Good music: in the moments when the characters are merged into tenderness and passion, sound lyrical, soft velvet composition , and sometimes unbridled , and when the scene is drawn tight , then the music is dramatic , it sounds kind of conflict that requires resolution . During the crucial love scene sounds like a song where a female voice sings: "why we do what we do is forbidden? " It is no wonder that the " Taboo 2" became inescapable classics X around the world and sold at kinotsitaty similar pictures .

The authors of the film once again remind the content of the picture , the forbidden fruit - the sweetest of all , and on the other hand ask the question : perhaps going beyond the usual social and family relationships will bring happiness to the home McBride ?



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