Malizia 1973

Year: 1973

Duration: 01:33:20

Directed by: Salvatore Samperi

Actors: Laura Antonelli, Turi Ferro, Alessandro Momo, Tina Aumont

Language: Italian (English subs)

Country: Italy

Also known as: Malice, Malicia, Malicious, Alle elsker Angela

Description: Solid family man loses prematurely departed to the other world wife. And it was a family life dreary and boring if not appeared housekeeper in the his house, played by Laura Antonelli (The Trap and Peccato veniale), which can always make a good dinner and take place in the sexual fantasies of young siblings, too, for a sweet soul. Well, considering the fact that the widowed head of a family still has a good sexual appetite ....

Review: Head of a large Sicilian family, Don Cirillo, loses his wife. In the house there are only men - average age of the father and three sons. However, their grief does not last. Suddenly appears in their house maid beautiful Angela, who is also very successfully cope with their management. Household, of course.

Angela, the owner of beautiful forms and angelic face, he immediately becomes an object of universal desire. And now, a solid family man forgets to sleep, and the eldest of the sons, Antonio, sneaks into her bedroom at night. What about fifteen Nino? Of course, he also had his eye on the beautiful maid, but for the time being it impregnable and equally accommodating with all family members.

However, Ninutsio something to do in their small town. There are also the familiar widow who wants comfort, and an older sister's best friend. But since then, as Angela appeared in their home, all of his thoughts - only about her.

His father was going to marry Angela, which is obviously not included in the plans Nino. In order to get ahead of his father and older brother, he comes up with a plan. Who knows what they are capable Sicilian guys to make my first wish!



Malizia 1973