How to Draw a Perfect Circle 2009

Year: 2009

Duration: 01:33:02

Directed by: Marco Martins

Actors: Rafael Morais, Daniel Duval, Joana de Verona and Beatriz Batarda

Language: Portuguese | French (English subs)

Country: Portugal

Also known as: Como Desenhar um Círculo Perfeito

Description: Guillermo and Sophie are brother and sister, grow together with discovering the world around, and their sexuality. That's only Sophie has no idea how far Guillermo willing to go to keep her inside his perverted ideal, to draw a circle.

I heard a creaking door neighbor from above, which never went outside. Father wears his meals and keeps the door. He told me a strange story about a boy who was waiting at the bus stop, the mother would come and take it away. The first bus arrives, the boy comes to life. But the mother is not. Comes second, and it does not come out of the mother. It is the same with the third, and the fourth, and the crazy ... continues to stand all day in the hope that her mother will come. Lifted as soon as the new coach arrives. He goes into the diner, to die of hunger, where he is offered the rice and meat, and returns again to freeze off the mark from the sixties bus. A look empty. And so for the past thirty years. I tell that I love this world for the bright rays of the sun in the morning? Or smiling nyashek running a university? Maybe the smell of flowers? My world fade, neulybchiv and has no odor. Taste of colored chalk does not count? Domestic drama sick of me. In the coffin, I saw them.



How to Draw a Perfect Circle 2009

How to Draw a Perfect Circle (English subs)