Der Kuss meiner Schwester

Year: 2000

Duration: 01:30:00

Directed by: Dror Zahavi

Actors:  Florian Heiden, Alexandra Schalaudek and August Zirner

Language: German

Country: Germany

Also known as: Der Kuss meiner Schwester

Description: Disturbed adolescent twins residing in a remote Bavarian village create forbidden emotions for one another in the juicy German drama Der Ku? meiner Schwester (2000). Mieke (Alexandra Schalaudek) and Mattis (Florian Heiden) are indivisible seventeen-year-old brothers and sisters searching for a getaway from existence in their bumpkinly backwater city. Since they begin wasting more and more time with one another, bro and sis begin enjoying.



Der Kuß meiner Schwester 2000