The Devil in Miss Jones 4

Year: 1986

Duration: 01:07:59

Directed by: Gregory Dark

Actors: Lois Ayres, Jack Baker, Paul Thomas

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: La rossa, la bionda e l'ingorda | O Diabo em Miss Jones 4 | Devil in Miss Jones Part 4: The Final Outrage

Description: A sequel to Part III, Justine Jones heads out to a bar and met Paul Thomas. The two return to her apartment and, in the throes of ecstasy, Justine bashes her head against a wall. When she awakens, she is naked, in near-total darkness, and informed by the aforementioned pimp that she’s dead. However, perhaps not all is lost; it seems that there is an escape but ‘‘in order to get outta hell, you gots to go through hell’.

Part 4, follow our heroine on her trip to the depths of hell. In order to escape, she must proceed through a number of rooms – the voyeur room, the perverse room, etc. - and witness a number of escalating outrages. Her ordeal will not be over until she has confronted the darkest aspects of her existence and faced the devil himself.



The Devil in Miss Jones 4