Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle 1976

Year: 1976

Duration: 01:24:58

Directed by: Mario Pinzauti

Actors: Malisa Longo, Antonio Gismondo, Rita Manna, Percy Hogan

Language: English

Country: Italy

Also known as: Emanuelle bianca e nera, Emmanuelle Black and White, Passion Plantation

Description: Judas and Jules are cousons who live in Hong Kong. Judas keeps the whole family finances, due to an ailment of their deceased father's desire that states Jules must "respond" for 5 years when he receives any inheritance. He takes a trip for work, and brings in the house the very beautiful Eva (Laura Gemser - Real Emanuelle). She has really a nightclub behavior and job. She strips bare-breasted and walks around with a huge snake, far to the pleasure of drunk Asian businessmen. Judas notices Eva and is instantly taken with her. Eva is called back into Judas' place to meet with his "pals"- about 50% a dozen real snakes, all poisonous and dangerous. The girl goes in with Judas, who fulfills for everything, but she still acquires to get into bed with anyone who she pleases, male or female. She sooner meets Gerri, and the couple falls in love for each other. Ultimately, one of several team members begins playing with the snakes when it shouldn't, and everyone begin winding up dead.



Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle