Naughty 1971

Year: 1971

Duration: 01:20:04

Directed by: Stanley A. Long

Actors: Chris Lethbridge-Baker, Lee Donald, Brenda Peters

Language: English

Country: UK

Also known as: Naughty - A Report on Pornography and Erotica Through The Ages

Description:This movie is a simulation of a documentary, focusing mainly in the representation of the sex industry of the 1970s in United Kingdom.

But the film "Naughty!" also shows the first pornographic festival, taking place in Amsterdam, and reenactes the sexual habits of the Victorian Age.
The pseudo-documentary takes the spectators into the world of the newly allowed sex shops of London through the eyes of the average male as he tries to compensate the sexual uptight woman that awaits for him at home.
With the excuse of being a serious film on a tabu subject, it goes on to show as much nude bodies as possible.
The audience of nowadays will love the curiosity of the real parts of the movie and appreciate the nude bodies, justa as the audience at the time of the original release.



Naughty! - 1971